Johnnie Walker Blacklabel

Brand: Johnnie Walker 1litre


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Blacklabel is a blended scotch whisky?from the Johnnie Walker family. It is aged 12 Years and contains 40% alcohol by volume.It is available in 750ml and 1litre and 4.5litre bottles.

Blacklabel is actually the top?selling whisky at GoBEBA?and has always been in the most popular whiskies in Nairobi?list. Apart from the bottle`s iconic square look,this blended scotch whisky is known for its sophisticated and smoky finish.

It comes packaged in a black box,actually all Johnnie Walker whiskies take one dominant colour when it comes to the name of the drinks and the packaging,red for the Red label,black for the red label and blue for the exclusive Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

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